Friday, August 14, 2009

One more day...

*this post is written by VIVIEN DUMPANGOL. Seriously, do I have to write this thing over and over again? wtf.
One more day till I get to attend MTV World Stage Live...and a chance to see AAR and of course, Tyson Ritter :DDDDD Plus all the other bands, Hoobastank, Raygun, Estranged...etc. Can't wait! Wish I had a friend to go with though :/

(image source via google)

Today's my last class of the semester...over the past few days I've been seeing way too many numbers and doing calculations. It's crazy but I gotta do it anyhow. Hoping for an awesome weekend and happy holidays to all the students!

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maslight said...

Tons of photos plz. KTHX XD