Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going analog

I recently purchased an analog camera that looked exactly like this:
It is called the Ultra Wide & Slim camera (UWS)

Specifications according to The Click Shop (where I purchased this camera)

Product name: Ultra Wide and Slim (UWS)

Brand: Superheadz, Japan

Lens: wide 22mm lens

Shutter Speed: 1/100

Aperture: f8

Dimensions: 98 X 59 X 23 mm

Film type: 135 (35mm) film

Camera type: Compact camera

Flash: Not available

It's actually a really easy camera to use if you're somehow a n00b like me who is just getting the hang of lomography. This is also the only camera that I currently could afford to buy. I will love you forever and ever if you can give me a Diana F+/Mini or BlackBird Fly too :DDDD Anyway, what I liked about the UWS is the wide lense and the saturated effect which is quite similar to any other lomo cam (Holga, Diana, etc). But then the saturation part is not as much as the other lomo cams lah. I think it has been like...5 years since I used an analog camera! The last time was during my photography class back in college. I was using my dad's heavy and bulky Canon camera. I wonder if the camera still can be used or not. Here are some of the shots taken from the UWS. Please be noted that, I'm not a good photographer hence the subjects/angles of the photos might not be that rad.

These photos are un-edited. Click for bigger size.
Taken while waiting to fly off to KK in LCCT Terminal.


I realised that the UWS is much better to be used outdoors where there's a natural light source and not in a dark area. So that's why this picture of Ivan and Kind turned out to be like this!

Bazaar Ramadhan in Sembulan.

Petaling St.

YOYO at Lintas. I miss this drink!

Brought this camera while in Penang as well...

Will try to take better ones once I have the time to head down to KL again especially along the Chinatown area. Lots of nice old buildings kannn? Tomorrow's Friday already! Yet another full day of class. Hope your day was wonderful today :)


maslight said...

Oh this is very nice. My holga is yet to arrive *sigh.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

bah, do share the pics on your soon to arrive holga juga! hehe~

Santafire said...

blue-ish tu dari the lomo, or u pakai filter/kola?


I've yet to develop 6rolls of film OAO mahal ohh processing if tia hantar to kedai in bulk T^T