Thursday, September 03, 2009


Done in Photoshop CS4.
Go to for heaps of awesome tutorials.

My gosh, seriously it's been yonks since I did something like this or the easiest way to describe it, photo manipulation. Not that I'm good in it anyway that is why I am slowly freaking out because I found out today that I've not one but two photoshop classes to teach in the new semester and to be absolutely honest, photoshop is not exactly my best forte. But I'll *try* to do my best anyhow hence the reason why I need to practice more and hopefully when the class starts, I won't screw things up lah. Wish me luck on that hehe. Come to think of it, photo manipulation is a pretty fun thing to do :)

I just received the new timetable this morning and by the look of it, I'm pretty packed! I've classes everyday but the brighter side of this is I've no classes on Saturday :DDDD That's a good thing because I don't need to go for work every Saturday. Well, I will be away starting from tomorrow and I'm not sure if I am able to update this blog in KK but do lookout for a scheduled post coming up and also I'll update my Twitter (as you can see on the right bar) from time to time. So, have a good week everybody! I'll be back soon.
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So they are really coming back here again and I've secured a ticket already muahahaha.

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