Saturday, September 05, 2009

CNY in Wangavegas

This is a scheduled post written by VIVIEN DUMPANGOL.

Hey! If you're reading this, I am here in KK probably chillaxing at home with the Astro remote on my hand flipping through channels on the telly haha. Shucks to know I am leaving in two days time and new sem will be starting next Tuesday! Still grateful that Monday is a public holiday though. Anyway, I've quite a number of photos that I haven't got the chance to post up here especially the photos during my awesome time in NZ. Man, I still miss that place lah. But here I am back here...well, not that I'm complaining since I do heart KK, but just sometimes I wish I was still there sitting in a small cafe sipping hot mochaccino haha.

So in February 2007 (err...2 years ago), we had 2 CNY celebration in Wanganui. One was held in the flat where Raden, Ai Ni, Meg and I stayed and another one was held in one of our Malaysian lecturer Mr. Lim's residence. Can't really remember what we had for dinner that time though haha.

I miss them a lot :(

The man next to me is our CGD IV lecturer and also Sky's advisor for his degree project. We dubbed him as the GOD of interactive media haha.

Cheesecake made by Ai Ni.

Check out my gangsta pose! Haha...Robin looked scared wei.

Aight more to come...I haven't even posted any pictures on my degree exhibition yet! Have a good weekend everyone.

Probably an old song but I like it! They should consider coming to Malaysia too hehe~

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*screaming on top of her lungs..I want cheesecake!