Saturday, September 19, 2009

My days are packed

The lack of updates here is due to the fact that my life is not as happening as some of you out there boo! and that is why there's nothing much to blog about....well, actually there are tons of stuff that I would love to blog, you know besides what am I doing or how was my day or what did I ate today. Lots of stuff that I've been keeping inside and I'm not really sure when is the right time to just let everything out. I had a funny conversation with Ken the other night at our usual lepak place, the malay warung outside my crib. He was like, "You know, why don't you write something like, my left nipple is itchy..." LMAO! I'm like wtf! Why would I tell the whole world if my nipple is itchy? Ok, maybe I don't mind telling my close friends but seriously, not exactly a blog-worthy topic la hahahaha. I then continued and added, "My left nipple is itchy, I am scratching in now" gosh, this is the result of hanging out too much with Ken.

Well, another reason why I haven't had the time for updates was, as usual the four letter word: WORK. Currently swarmed with stuffs to do/prepare for classes and also practising/learning new things at the same time. I'm thankful that I've no classes on Saturdays but my schedule during the weekdays are pretty much packed.'s tiring but I've been enjoying it so far, at least for now hehe. On Thursday night when I reached home, I planned to clean the bathroom and also the kitchen since there are guests coming to stay *yay!* so I told myself that I would take a short nap first then shower and start cleaning...manatau I slept till the the sunrise without taking my bath and brushing my teeth. I did tried to wake myself up but to no avail. Wow, am I really THAT tired? Anyway, Raya holiday is herreee :))) What are your plans? Open houses? I'll be out of town starting tomorrow and I hope the road trip is confirmed. Will be updating my twitter from time to time aight.

I managed to watch few movies over the weekend, that's when I've time to do my own thing. Watched The Ugly Truth with Merl last Sunday after our day trip to Mid Valley and Petaling Street with Latania. The movie was well, predictable of course but I think what made this movie enjoyable was the adult humour in it which would actually make you laugh out loud at the jokes. Not exactly a big fan of Gerard Butler but I thought he did OK speaking with American accent. One thing I totally would remember on the 'adult homour' in this movie was when Gerard Butler asked Katherine Heigl about "flicking her bean" lololol!

Bought an original DVD of the movie Chocolat in Speedy Video for only RM9.90! Yes, this movie was released like 9 years ago and I only managed to watch it this year. I liked this movie too and after watching it, i just had the sudden carve of chocolates, and it's not the usual Cadbury's one but the ones that are being displayed at some 5 class hotels. Johnny Depp ♥!

Borrowed The Hangover from Jesse and watched it on the night before I was flying off back to KL. Hilarious movie I must say. The jokes are pretty decent not like those stupid jokes say in...Zohan for example. I asked Ivan to watch it cos it might pretty much relate to him haha.

So, what else is new? I like the ONLY one who hasn't blog about the Kanye/Taylor hoopla? the news when reading twitter updates from @imjasmine. Watched the vid and I actually found it funny too! I mean I was like...Kanye, you did not just did that! Lol. But then, Kanye seems to always like to create 'a scene' every year in the VMAs and maybe he really did enjoyed all the attention that he gets when he created a scene. But I do think it was kinda rude of him to take away Taylor's limelight. You know what, I actually liked Kanye's music a lot to be honest and I don't even have a single Taylor Swift's song in my iTunes hahaha but I've nothing against her la. So my say is, though Kanye was rude, he did apologised right? Now we shall look forward on what he's gonna do in the next VMAs hehe. Loved the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys performance on the song Empire State Of Mind :)

My days are gonna be quite packed within this few days so...I'll update again as soon as I've got the time to do so and I reckon there's much more interesting stuffs to blog about. Wishing all my muslim friends and relatives, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! If you're kind enough, please send me some kuih makmur cos that's my fav!

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