Friday, October 30, 2009

Another heart calls

Today marks the end of 'exploration' week and also the end of my little break from all my classes. Sigh...wished the 'exploration' week will continue for another week because I still have TONS to do! I told myself that I must finish grading half of the students' work and also finish archiving artworks but I tend to get distracted every single time. I've got a meeting to attend, a talk to listen, students to monitor at the print room and today I had to meet up with one of my student's parents. I honestly don't feel that comfortable to meet up with parents because you just don't know what to expect! Yeah, loads of random shiz happened within a week and oh, today I fell down and hit the floor hard while cleaning the print room! FML seriously.

So anyway, because of all these distractions, I ended up having no time to even start on my grading and the only proud thing that I managed to do was drafting out the tutorial for next week's Photoshop class...and that even took me the entire Thursday to do. I'm just glad that the weekend has finally arrived because there are two things that I look forward to :DDD

1. The DiGi Music Live concert event in Bukit Jalil which is tomorrow. Gonna see AAR perform for the second time again whoop whoop! (fan girl mode on)

2. MJ's This Is It docu-movie that I'm gonna watch on Sunday night.

So I gotta make full use of my weekend because after this, it's gonna be another 5 weeks of being busy. Dang, November's arriving in two days!!! Have a good weekend everyone and have a good rest too. Imma go and watch another episode of The Vampire Diaries hehe. This show is getting addictive lah.

This week's episode of Gossip Girl, I totally lol-ed at this scene haha.
[Nate and Dan watching Olivia’s movie]
Dan: Is she actually levitating?
Was their acting this good in the rest of the movie?
Look at the way she’s looking at him, it’s love.
That’s definitely love. Lust and gratitude.
Nate: Dude, it’s an orgasm.
Dan: Yeah.

FYI, the girl who was levitating is Hillary Duff and Chace Crawford is uber hot!

OK BAI! (fan girl mode off)

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maslight said...

Wuah viv, dun overwork.