Thursday, October 08, 2009

Expectations, Reality

Taking a little time off thinking/worrying about work and finally blog! Yes, I am currently still in a busy mode. Lotsa things to do and prepare for classes...even when I am home at night I would still worry about all these. Sigh. But let's not talk about work for a while shall we?

Last weekend I was out with Merl and we watched two movies in a row. (500) Days Of Summer was one of the many movies that I've been wanting to watch this year and thankfully it was released in the cinemas here :) But I wonder why it was only showing in TGV cinemas? Anyway, I liked this movie a lot. Okay la, it probably have to do with me liking romantic movies and chick flicks but (500) Days Of Summer was quite a refreshing movie to watch because unlike most of the chick flicks, the storyline was good and funny and it doesn't have a predictable ending which is why it was refreshing.

I don't watch a lot of independent movies to be honest but hey, this is probably a good start for me to venture into 'INDIE' films so that I can be cool and talk about all these indie stuffs to people hahaha. Just kidding. Go and watch this movie if you have the chance to.

Have I told you that I really like Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Not only in this movie but since he acted in 10 Things I Hate About You and also the TV sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun. (FYI, TV2 is currently airing the re-run of 3rd Rock every Thursday at 12.30 midnight hehe).

He's cute and I like his dimples when he smiles :) Hope to watch more of his movies la.

And Zooey Deschanel is very pretty.

Watched Sorority Row after that and it was just an okay movie for me. By the end of the movie Merl and I were making our own stupid jokes about Rumer Willis learned how to shoot from watching Die Hard hahahahaha. Lame I know, but kami-kami saja la yang bulih faham tu haha.

Would probably hit the cinema again this weekend, that is if I am free and could finish most of my work by Friday. So what else is new? Nothing much really...after Simone and Eve left, I spent most of my time at home after work so....nothing new going on lately. I'll update more later tonight. *crosses fingers* Have to do some preparations for the next class now.

This month's goal: To be more FOCUSED.


simone said...

what's the movie about? 500 days of summer...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

it's about a guy who falls in love with a girl but the girl doesn't want anything seriousand it involves 500 days of their relationship la...very simple storyline but totally lovin' the entire mood, cinematography...actually i really really liked this movie a lot. so must watch la hahaha.

merl said...

hahaha...rumer willis die hard just like her dad...between u n me vien, not so lame la the jokes..hahaha..