Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I wore today

There's a Flickr group on the Flickr's website where people (women especially) illustrate what clothes they are wearing each day. I enjoyed browsing through it because it's so much fun to see how different artist/designer or just a normal person would illustrate their own self wearing their clothes. Plus I like it when their body goes out of means you don't really require to have a good drawing skill to draw yourself out. Hey, maybe you can try it too!
Check the Flickr group here.

This is my version. Drew what I wore to work yesterday. If I'm given more time, I definitely would draw a better version. But this was drawn in a span of five minutes before I leave from work yesterday. Coloured it in Photoshop using the mighty mouse (darn I so need a pen tablet now!)

Of course, my figure is not as slim as this drawing la...cheating a bit bah hehe.
Weekend's comingggggg! By the way, do read this article: Was the photoshopped Ralph Lauren model fired for being overweight? from Yahoo News.

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