Friday, October 23, 2009


Would you wear this? I WOULD!

Another reason why I like Brandon Boyd is not only because he's musically talented and write/perform awesome songs with his band Incubus but also he's artistically talented. Same goes to Mike Shinoda from LP. I dunno why but I've great respect on people who are not only good in music and at the same time appreciate art and design as well.

So this is probably an old story but just recently Brandon Boyd contributed his artistic talent and collaborated with TOMS shoes and also his fellow artist friend Kristin Jai Klosterman to produce 'a one of a kind art' and their artworks were then made into limited edition collection for TOMS shoes.

Check out the large canvas! I'm wondering what's the meaning behind the painting...but it sure looked totally rad to me! Hahahaha...

Click here to check out more of Brandon Boyd's art and read his bio too. Very random and funny :)

Yesterday while in class I had an Iranian student who came and told me and Reis that he might have a 50-5o chance to stay in Malaysia or be deported back to his country because his Visa has expired and according to him, the Student Service Department (SSD) who deals with international students were supposed to help him to renew his Visa but they (SSD) has forgotten to do so. Anyway, he (the student) said that if he has to leave Malaysia and go back to Iran, he has to join National Service for 3 friggin' years and become an army. No shit! I asked him would he be afraid to go for war and stuff and he said no because he was doing it for his country. Haha so damn patriotic right??? But he also said that his dad doesn't want him to join hence the reason why he came over here to study.

Today there's gonna be a 'Halloween Party' in the college...but it's basically for the students to enjoy and have the chance to dress up la. So count me out, I ain't gonna go to this party hahahhaha. You know what my Iranian student wants to dress up as?

Suicide Bomber. For real.

Let's just hope that the guard would really believe that he's actually just dressing up for fun la hahaha. You know what? I actually liked talking to the students...well it has to depend on my mood too la. Sabahan students are really nice to talk to and I'm not being bias or anything, just that since we all come from the East side of the country, it is much easier to click with them.

Anyway, the Academic Manager wants to meet up with me today and I've no idea why? I'm thinking of a few possibilities here:
A) I will REALLY be deported to Penang and it's for real this time around.
B) More subjects to teach? (In this case, I shall need an increment haha)
C) I did something wrong (but I really can't recall any)
D) Is she gonna sack me?

Seriously I don't know. I'm still waiting for her phone wish me luck peeps. Finally it's Friday!


maslight said...

I have a thing for Brandon Boyd for his music. On another note, I won't wear that shoe, I like simplicity ;)

simone said...

i'll definitely wear those shoes... me likey...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@maslight: hahah...that shoe not simple enuff? i feel it looks quite simple sudah haha. or maybe you just like one colour type bah kan?

@mone: yeah me too! totally lovin the colour, the lines, design...semua la! hahha. go BBOYD!