Monday, November 30, 2009

Open mind

Things that I managed to do the past few days:

1. Had a chance to hang out with the Penampang people and some of the stuffs we did was: we went to makan, chill out, roaming around KL, went to Setapak and discovered a small pub where A LOT of Sabahans hang out plus we also went karaoke-ing last Thursday night and I was super semangat singing songs from The Backstreet Boys (yay boybands!) Wow, I guess I do have a life after all haha.

2. Sleep! Sleeping all the way till noon is always the best! Though I know I totally wasted half of my day. -_-

3. Watched a local indie movie called Karaoke, which was directed by a Sabahan director named Chris Chong Chan Fui. Couldn't really understand the entire story but I am sure there are a lot of hidden messages that the director wanted to tell. Someone wrote a pretty good review here. I kinda brought along the wrong people to watch this movie though. I think when you're watching an indie movie, you need to watch it with an open mind because that's how indie movies work right? Sometimes you get all confused and go, "WTF? I can't understand a shit!" There are a lot of hidden meanings that a certain director wanted to tell or portray but they don't wanna tell it in an obvious way...which is why we as the audience will need to figure it out.

Haven't been able to watch any of the blockbuster movies like New Moon, Ninja Assassin or 2012 because errr...I knew there's gonna be a hell lot of people who are gonna watch these movies, so I was just trying to avoid the crowd heh. Really do wanna watch New Moon! But I shall wait when the time is right. This time around, I think I'm gonna go and watch alone.

Anyway, 1 more week left before the students submit their final projects. Tons of stuff to grade by then. Need to regain my energy back! It's funny even when I managed to catch up with my sleep, I somehow still feel kinda restless and tired at work. I still have a habit for sleeping late and I don't know what to do about it pfffft. Well, hope I am able to finish all my task soon :)

Hope none of you caught the Monday blues today. Cheers to a brand new month tomorrow!

Current favourite song on repeat mode. John Mayer FTW!

Perfectly Lonely - John Mayer

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