Saturday, November 21, 2009

Razor knife

We bid our last goodbye to the Dean of Studies on Thursday afternoon. I'm sure she is in a better place now.


It was also my first time ever going to a crematorium and witnessed the entire process of someone being cremated. Very eye opening I must say. I always thought the cremation process was done in an open air, like at the seaside during sunset...well, that was what I recalled from watching Hindustan movies when I was younger. But turns out, the process was kinda fast and pretty much high-tech. Found this video from youtube about the cremation process, yeah I was switching on my geek mode and actually did some research about it haha.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about this last week but didn't get the chance to so...I went to catch a movie with Merl last Saturday and we watched a local film called Pisau Cukur. I haven't watched any Malay movie for a long time, I missed some nice ones like Cuci, Papadom and even Talentime! Pisau Cukur was directed by Bernard Chauly, the same guy who directed Gol & Gincu. I enjoyed Gol & Gincu when I first watched it during my college days so I thought, since Pisau Cukur is Bernard Chauly's second movie, I might enjoy this movie too.

The verdict? I liked it :) It's funny and very entertaining. If chick flick is one of your favourite movie genres, you might like this movie too. That new actor, Redza Minhat is cute :) and Henry Golding made a cameo in this movie too fyi.

New Moon's coming out next week! But I'll probably watch it the week after the release date...just to avoid all the crazy squealing tweens haha.

Not much update on me but I am still busy...with never ending stuffs to grade. I have to get my motivation back ASAP before the semester ends! Plus need to finish with my painting too. I've left it on my table un-entertained for 2 weeks now...procrastination pffffft.

**mone, your dolphin will be coming soon aahhhhh**

I've been on tumblr crazy yesterday cos I finally had the time to browse through the RSS feed from my Google Reader. Head to my tumblr here. Uploaded a whole bunch of stuffs.

Happy weekend everyone.

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