Thursday, December 03, 2009

FML moment

My sort of ultimate FML (F*ck My Life) moment came last night where I got freaking trapped in my own house and the only way to escape is to jump off from the veranda. Last night I was already looking forward to go and have dinner with Ken and Ivan because the night before, Ken had told me he would come over and take me and Ivan out for dinner. I haven't seen him (Ken) for more than 2 weeks so it'll be good to just catch up with him.

But when it was time to go and meet 'em, I accidently locked my room's door WITHOUT taking my keys with me. Seriously, W.T.F! I got a little panic and started to think of ways to open the door. Tried using the card method several times, but to no avail. Even tried using a pair of scissors, again fail. How I wish I was Mr. Elastic from Fantastic 4 man! Anyway, I had to call Ken to tell him that he should just go and have his dinner with Ivan. :( Oh, and worst thing is, my housemates weren't in at that time too.

Anyway long story short, after about 1 1/2 hours waiting in the living room, one of my housemate managed to help me by calling up the uncle that usually comes and fix stuffs in our place. Had to pay RM20 just to get my door opened *sigh* Luckily, I still have some foods in the kitchen... at least I didn't starve to death lah haha. Ken did called to check on me while I was still trapped outside. The first thing he asked was, "So are you ready to jump down?" -_____-

So yeah, that was really a FML moment for me seeing that I almost never forget my keys wherever I go. Just because of this one stupid careless mistake, I missed out dinner time with my friends. Well, today is considered my last class for Design 1 cos what's left for the students to do is to finish up their final project and submit it to me next week. I *think* I'm gonna miss some of the students in that class. They are so fun to talk with and I learned something new from them each week. Not sure if I will teach them again next term, but if not...I'm hoping they'll do their best in the coming term lah.

I asked my caucasian student today, "Why are you so fair? Are you like a vampire?" I am damn lame, I know.

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