Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy boxing day

So... apparently I didn't do much on Christmas Day. Actually, I did nothing! No open houses to go to, no family boring was that. Ended up watching The Grinch (FINALLY!) in the afternoon and then went to CP with the cousins for a while.

I was watching Home Alone for a while last night till my bro came home and ended up watching the VH1 Top 1oo Hard Rock songs. Really wanted to know who's in the first place but by 3.30am I was just way too sleepy. So I guess, it's been a quiet Christmas this year and since I arrived home 3 days ago, everything seems to move kinda slow here. Not sure I'm liking it or not haha. But still, I really wish the holidays won't end that fast.

Anyway, will probably have tons of fun tonight *crosses fingers* meeting up with the girls and also Ivan's coming back from Korea today haha. Gotta go now. Have a good Boxing Day!

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