Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas everyone! Did this quick drawing the day before I head home and coloured it by using the WACOM Intuos pen tablet (my ultimate Christmas wish list) that I borrowed from the college. Man, I really want one! Anyway, hope you will have a good Christmas this year! Those who can't be home, don't be too are always in our prayers :D I've been there before so I totally understand. Okay, the Rudolf looks like a ghost right? Hahaha...that's the reference I found via google!

Not sure what I'll be doing today but hopefully I'm gonna have a good Christmas and so do you :D Stay safe and have an awesome day everyone!


Santafire said...

apa nii bole pula curi wacom college balik ruma XD

Cherry Mistmas!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

no....i borrowed it while i was in the office...then returned it back to the IT peeps i wish can curi tu lol. bah, happy christmas to you too!