Monday, December 07, 2009

I got the rock & roll, the phuture flow

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend a pre-wedding dinner at my ex-college mate, Olivia's house in Damansara. It's nice to hear from her again since it's been quite a while not hearing any news from her. Heck I didn't know she was even getting hitched! So Ken, Ivan and I went over to her place on Saturday night and...we did had a good time catching up, though we arrived kinda late and the only food left to eat is the satay hehe. But Olivia's mom was nice enough to cook steamboat for the people who arrived late (like us wtf), hence we did not starve ourselves there :) Thanks Olivia and congratulations to you and Bryan!

While we were still hanging out in Olivia's place, Ivan said to me that I should follow them to Phuture later. I was like, "Seriously? Wearing like this?" then went on to point my attire that night. Yes, I did felt very underdressed to go into a happening club like Zouk (see proof below) cos what I was wearing that night was practically what I would wear to work! Anyway, Ivan replied to me saying that I looked fine and there's nothing to worry about. But come on, they (Ken and Ivan) were both dressed to kill and I looked like...well, nevermind.

Few pictures taken from last Saturday night.
In Ivan's own words: "D&G and the Carlsberg really makes me look good" Hahaha...vain much?


I thought there would be a lot of my college mates there but apparently, there were only like 5 of us there.

Here we are at Phuture. My face got a lil red that night which is why I had to do some colour adjustment for these pictures. Anyway, I did felt kinda out of place again seeing that I only know Ken and Ivan. We joined Ivan's sister and some other men that I have no idea who but have tons of money lah hahaha. Anyway, Ivan asked one of the men to entertain me WTF! Fyi, these men were all 'uncles' in their late 40's and I totally and absolutely dislike being around with pervy uncles! But I had to give 'em face lah cos they're the ones with the big moolahs *sigh*

Taken from Ivan's cam.


I wished my cousins+girlfriends were with me that night because if they were there, I would've danced all through the night because the music's pretty good. But I ended up observing people most of the time. Well, it was indeed an interesting and fun night for me. I appreciate Ken and Ivan's effort to bring me out though I really do feel very underdressed and out of place haha.

When everyone started to head outside, there was this China girl whom I assumed, tried to hit on Ivan lol! I mean she kept holding his arm and tried to convince him to go to the toilet with her....hahhahahahaa wtf. Luckily Ivan was smart enough not to do anything stupid.

Reached home, slept for about 3 hours and then woke up to attend Sunday mass. I am amazed I could even wake up on Sunday morning :) I would love to go Phuture with Ken and Ivan again, if I have the chance to. But this time around, I should at least dress better and probably find more girlfriends to go with. But sadly, I don't have much girlfriends here in KL.

So before anyone starts judging me or worse, report to my parents about me going to a club, there are a few things that you should know.
1. I am pretty much a stay-at-home person and I only go to club like once in a blue moon.
2. I am almost turning 25, still quite a young age I must say (at least I like to think it is) so I am still entitled to go and have fun with my friends. PLUS it's not like I am gonna go and get myself drunk and start making out with a random stranger there. I know my limits thank you very much.

Aight, I need to take a short nap now cos I am starting to feel restless now. This week would be the final week of the semester and all the final projects are due on this week as well. I just hope the students won't disappoint me.


merl said...

i wont judge you Vien... we r good people cos we still go to mass, and paid attention to the sermon. hey, i got home at 6am man but stil managed to wake up at 930am cos before i sleep i said to Jesus,please wake me up. i need to see you. and i did. and i am happy. so dont judge me. dont judge vien. dont judge others. nuff said.

Chrystal Giam said...

sounds fun weih... i'll go with you... hehe, just need a driver :D

simone said...

I for one will surely not judge you for visiting Zouk. Instead I'm a little bit jealous. Anyways, what's the point of judging people right? It won't bring anything good to us and it will definitely not make us any richer. So why bother, right? Anyways, I'm glad you went out and visited the night scene in Zouk. Maybe next time we go together-mether ya. love.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@merl: haha yeah, sempat bangun to church the next day lagi. but u know me well, so no need to judge me kan. but u know la some 'other' people...susah ba haiya.

@chrystal: yup quite fun! hahaha...sure sure let's go together one of these days.

@cmone: no need to jealous bah hahahaa. ni pun out of the blue ja kena bawa this. ya, we shall go togetherrrr when you're visiting here! haha.