Friday, December 18, 2009

Lia turns ONE

Happy Birthday to Baby Ophelia! She's 1 today!

I don't think she will know who I am when I see her soon since I have only carried her like what...3 times? But Grand Aunty still loveeeesssss you hahaha!

(pictures courtesy of Oliver's Facebook :D)

Had a good time last night. Dinner with Ivan and Merl at Manhattan Fish Market then yamcha sesh at Kim Gary where Ken joined us for a while. Ivan's flying off to Korea on Saturday night and now I have no late night yamcha kaki :( But still looking forward to see him in KK next week.

Lovin' the public holiday again! I seriously need to finish up the commissioned painting today. I've already screwed up the first piece, let's just hope the second one would be better.


maslight said...

Punya cute ;)

simone said...

minie oliver oh she... kiut... and i haven't seen her yet... basar sudah ni...