Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not 16 anymore

When I am quite close to a certain 'guy' friend, some people would actually assumed that I have feelings for that particular guy or vice versa. It happened before during the college days when I first came in to study and one of my first close friends I had was this guy named Nicholas. We're still good friends now though we haven't seen each other for so long now. Hey, we should really meet up. Anyway, I was friends with him because he's a nice guy and during that particular time we LOVED to watch the series Angel and Charmed haha.

Until one fine day, this dude in my class kept assuming that I'm his boyfriend and also kept pestering me with a lot of stupid questions. It annoyed the shit out of me so I sent him a text message, asking him to go and get a f*cking life and to stop being kid. As I recall, the next day when we were inside the computer lab, he came over and kept apologising to me and I just ignored him completely haha.

But we are good now. In fact I just saw him yesterday while I was on duty in Bukit Jalil. He's actually a nice guy too but I guess during the college days, he was still kinda immature haha. But the story doesn't end here. When I was in my second year, I hung out a lot with another guy friend called Benjamin (if you are reading this, please don't mind yeah haha) also because we shared quite a lot of things in common. Football especially and also he listens to a wide range of music, which is why I actually liked hanging out with him. He's also the one who introduced me to the amazing Robin Thicke! Soooo...anyway, a few of my classmates started assuming again (Ken was one of them hmmph!) and of course I was annoyed but somehow....it just kinda stopped. I've no idea why but probably because Ken and Ivan has already came into the picture haha.

I thought this kind of thing only happens when we're still in our teens but then, it happened again when I am already working...I mean COME ON! Are we are all still 16 here? So what if I hang out with guys? So what if I find that my 'guy' colleague is actually a nice person to talk with? So friggin' what? And I know they are just fooling around, being playful, yada yada but doing it every single time is not f*cking cool okay. Not forgetting trying to match us up? Hello I don't even like the idea of dating co-workers thank you very much.

I apologise if this post might offend any of my colleagues but I am just pissed to be in this situation again just like during college days. We are not 16 anymore people, can we at least be a bit more mature next time? You guys are nice people to work with but please...we really are not 16 anymore. Terima Kasih!


Santafire said...

yeah, i get annoyed at people assuming such things about me too.
and when we're not meeting up as often, a new assumption that we've broke up went around. geez.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yay i'm not the only one! haha...tulah malas sia butul oh!