Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh nine list

It has come to that time of the year again where I am revealing my ultimate Christmas/Birthday wishlist. Not even sure if I can get any of these item(s) this year, but let me just show you..for the sake of it. Who knows today you might kena jackpot, then you can buy me any of the item(s) below haha.

1. Wacom pen tablet (Intous4/Bamboo also can)

I have been wanting this for so long. In fact the Wacom pen tablet has been my number one list for the past 3 years and yet, I still haven't got the chance to own it. SIGH.

2. Film Cameras
I really like this Diana f+ CMYK lomo camera! Lovin' the bold colours :)

Fuji Instax camera. Works just like a polaroid :)
Blackbird fly. Beautiful as well.

3. Moleskines (more and more haha)
Yes I loooove moleskines but then it's quite pricey lah.

4. Jason Mraz's Beautiful Mess-Live on Earth CD/DVD.
Mraz = awesome.

5. Books
Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Any books by Roald Dahl (would love to have Fantastic Mr. Fox)

6. Studded stuffs.

Okay, that's pretty much the things I would love to have this year. Not much as last year though haha. I am currently still at work, waiting for a student to come and submit her final project. You've no idea how pissed I was when a student came to look for me earlier in the morning. Seriously, you guys should REALLY learn the art of being responsible and also being punctual. I can't devote my entire day to wait for all of you to come and submit your finals right?

Well, good news is...I am almost done with the gradings! Okay, actually I am pretty much done. Spent the entire day & night doing it at home yesterday. Tomorrow I shall have a good rest and watch Crows Zero II finally :) Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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greybreaks said...

great list, you should also take a look at the diana mini. it uses 35mm film.