Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twenty 5ive / Word of thanks

Today, I finally turn half a quarter century old. Man, that word ‘century’ sounds so old and ancient…makes me feel like I’ve been living in this world for soooo long but yes indeed, I am 25 today.

I always thought that when I turn 25, there would be at least something that I’ve already achieved and proud of it…you know like becoming a millionaire (haha, okay not gonna happen), opening my own business, doing what I love the most, owning a car and etc. The truth is… I kinda felt that I’ve not done much for the past 25 years in my life and yes, let me just be honest here…I do feel envious (at times) when I see how some people or even my very own friends could achieve so much at this age. Somehow I kept wondering when will be my turn to shine or when will I even have enough money to buy a car or when will I EVER have the chance to be an illustrator and illustrate children’s book like how I always envision my life would be someday.

Well, sad to say…at 25 I am still in the midst of figuring out what’s best for me and also doing some soul searching here and there. But hey, I know that even if I don’t have that many achievements in my life, there are still so many things I should be happy and thankful of and that is what mattered the most. I am lucky enough to be where I am now because I know there are people out there who wished to have a better life but never had the opportunity to even have it. So, in conjuction with my 25th Birthday, I would like to express my thank you or just being thankful for: (wtf why does this seem so formal?)

God, for all the blessings/guidances that He has given to me throughout these 25 years and also hearing my prayers whenever I needed him.

My family, though we don’t express our love to each other that much and we’re still facing the same ‘ol family problems (yeah, what else is new) but somehow we still managed to go through it without much complaining. Much thanks to my mum for everything. From taking care of me, for the education and teaching me the art of being humble, independent and strong. Also, for accepting me for who I am even though I am not the STAR daughter that every mother wants because I don't get straight As in school haha.

My wonderful cousins + girlfriends for their love and support. I friggin’ love all of you!

My NZ friends, because they inspire me to push myself harder in doing what I love plus they are an awesome bunch.

Ken and Ivan, my awesome friends in KL haha. I know I can be lame and boring because I don’t have a super WOW lifestyle like them. But they still cared enough to hang out with me almost every single week since the day I decided to come over to the west side to work. Plus bringing me to the most happening club too hahaha. Been a blessing to know ‘em for close to 7 years now.

My new found friends, I know I’m not exactly close to any of them but it’s nice to meet interesting new people around.

John Mayer (HAHA WTF SUPER RANDOM) for having the ability/talent to produce beautiful music and write beautiful lyrics all these while. I am forever thankful to him (even if he doesn’t know who I am) for keeping me strong despite all the ups and downs that I had to endure while doing my Degree project 2 years ago.

My job as an educator. I still question myself whether I am right for this job at times but I’ve learned to love it. Meeting fresh new students can be fun…or not but they also inspire me to push myself to improve in different areas. Another thing that I love about my job is that, I don’t need to work till late at night hence I am able to practice drawing and painting at home J

Still have so many things that I am thankful for but I should just save if for another day, no? I realized that little or simple things like these are always been neglected, which is why it is important to constantly remind myself to be thankful each and everyday. (Do I make sense?) Anyway, it’s gonna be 5 more years till I hit the BIG three-o! And in this 5 years time, I really hope I am able to have a much more fulfilling life. Maybe I will finally become an illustrator already or maybe I will finally step my foot to the places that I dream of going, or maybe I will finally *gasp* found love? Well, that’s gonna be another story that I’ll save for the future hehe. Whatever it is, I am keeping my head up high and will embrace every obstacles in the coming years...wah, sound like I'm a super hero like that hahaha.

Thank you everyone for the sms-es, the calls and facebook messages. Big virtual hug for all of you.

❝ Remember today, for its the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true ❞ ― Anon.


FietheElf said...

i would love to hang out with u more but u live like so fucking far away bah!! hahaha

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hehe ya bah....that's why can jumpa occasionally only this haiyaaa...