Thursday, January 14, 2010


I personally wanna say thank you to those who actually liked my elephant header hehe. I know I'm not much of an artist...still working on to be an awesome one :P but I truly appreciate the compliment :D Yes, this year I shall paint more...hopefully I'll continue on my animal series (so far I've only painted 3 animals) and then find another topic to paint. We'll see about that.

Actually, that elephant was inspired by this little key chain that Chrystal got for me when she was in Bangkok. All I did was just spare a few minutes of my time to draw it out and with the help of Adobe Illustrator, I added the colours on it :D Again, how I wish I own a pen tablet man.


Mini Update:
I just finished my class a while ago and the new batch of students seemed nice and friendly...I hope they'll stay on to be like that till the end of the semester haha. Oh, it is confirmed that I will be going to Penang starting next week! And now I am feeling a kinda excited mixed with a little bit nervous because I don't really know what to expect there. But, I shall keep my head up and stay positive on this. I will be tired nonetheless, seeing that I will have to travel back and forth every week...but I gotta do what I gotta do lah hahahaa. Do wish me luck though :D

Internet at home is still down...don't know what's wrong with it, probably the housemate did not pay the bill??? Anyway, I still have stuffs to prepare for tomorrow's class so till the next post...have a grrreat day!

Here's another elephant treat.



Santafire said...

elephants were my typo asgmt back in foundation. rly luv em^^

maslight said...

Ahhh, ic, but still I find it very inspiring ;)

Generator Creative Studio said...

my godness! This is great!! Keep it up ViVien!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@santafire: ohhhh, would love to see them? ada ka you post in your blog? hehe

@massy: thank you hehe.

@teozk: hi mr.teo! thanks ya!

Jasmine said...

My sister has the same keychain! She got it from Vietnam though. Lol. Cute elephant.