Sunday, January 17, 2010

Internet-less again

Because the internet at home is still down, I am currently here in Pyramid using the free wi-fi heh. Weather's been insanely hot today so I'm gonna hang inside the mall for a while before walking back home later. Oh, I am going to Penang tomorrow! Surprisingly I am feeling so calm about it but dunno la...manatau when I reach there sudah, trus panic berabis ni haha. Anyway, hope I can do some updates when I am there lah.

How was your weekend? Mine's just so-so...being internet-less at home feels like a part of me has died hahaha. Okay lah, not that serious. Well at least I was out with them boys yesterday so I guess I wasn't that bored lah :D Aight, guess I should be off now. Hope you had a blessed weekend! Heard that sana KK hari-hari hujan...sini hari-hari pun panas. *sigh*

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