Saturday, January 30, 2010

My sundays are saved

Can someone tell me WTF is this?

The above picture is what I've discovered when I just reached home on Tuesday night from Penang. I was rearranging my toiletries in the toilet when I found out some "hair" on the sink. Then I discovered more hair that has been attached with the brush! WTF! I did some analysing and I seriously think that the "hair" comes from... you know down there hahahaha. Okay, my housemate, the one whom I share the toilet with is actually a nice guy but leaving that in the toilet is a like a big crime man! Come don't wanna be like Jason Biggs in American Wedding right? Super gross okay.

Anyway, I've been quite busy since I came back from Penang. Had to run errands here and there as well as conducting classes too. Haven't got the chance to get a proper rest too and I thought today I could finally sleep longer but then, I woke up at 8.30am and I couldn't sleep anymore fml. Sill, I am happy that it is finally the weekends again :D Oh yeah regarding about my Penang schedule, good news is I am still flying there on Monday morning...which means I still get to spend my Sundays here. The not so good news would probably be my classes in Penang are insanely packed and I really have a limited time to venture all the interesting places there :(

These are the only two pictures that I managed to snap while I was in Penang. There are soooo many interesting things to see there! But like I said, I really have limited time to do some sight seeing there. Hopefully will snap more interesting things if I have the chance to.



On the other note, I've just started watching the show Glee! I knew the show was out since almost a year ago but I never actually thought of watching it cause I've been watching quite a number of TV shows already. But since two of my colleagues told me it was nice, I finally decided to download it and...what can I say, I instantly LOVE it!

I've been replaying this video over and over again hahaha. The Acafellas did an awesome rendition of Color Me Badd's I Wanna Sex You Up. Watching this also reminded me how much I love 90's music and of course, boybands :DDD I don't care how cheesy they are but I still like boybands okay.

Also, The Vampire Diaries is back as well whoop whoop! Okay, gonna go and clean my super messy room now. Have a good weekend and stay safe!


maslight said...

Welcome back from Penang ;) I wanna go Penang *cries. Anyways, OMG! HAIRS! erm, I think I need hair fall solution, banyak rambut gugur, inda lama butak la se ni.

Santafire said...

awesome! great trip eh?
btw, i like your vienz font.
whats the name?

simone said...

OMG!!! Evidence man... Can sue your housemate now...

Sandra said...

waa..ko lect d Penang skg??

dat pic--hairy hair,rajin btl ko p garu tu rambut guna brush hehehe..

anyway GLeee is--->BEST :)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@massy: you makan maggi ka hari-hari ni?? hehe

@santafire: the font is called violation. i think i got it from :D

@mone: hahaha..tula nasib kamu tidak witnessed it when u and eve were here last sept haha.

@san: ya...lecturer di penang on monday-tues only. then balik kl for classes wednesday onwards hehe. ya bah, glee best oh kan!

FietheElf said...

i LOVE glee!!!

ugh and that hair pic is gross.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yup! syok kan glee!

Anonymous said...

odoi gia! napa tu "hair" dia biar sna sinki!?? pny bikin geli! ko tdk marah dia??