Saturday, February 06, 2010

Funny meanings

According to Urban Dictionary;
My first name, Ethel (without the Dred) means:
1. A wise woman
You don't know how to do that? Ask Ethel
2. noun; straight girl who acts as the wingwoman for a lesbian friend.
Dan: Why do you look so tired?
Amy: I'm hungover. Julie asked me to be her ethel for a girl she met at Twats, but then got nervous and had us all do 12 different types of shots.
Dan: Did they hook up?
Amy: I don't think so.
Dan: Juuuliiee! You've got some 'splanin to do!
Amy: Tell me about it.
3. A very horny pirateer who likes to say "arrrg, me wooden leg fell in me toilet again and it be lookin like a wooden log o' shat!!!"
Aye, there me matey Ethel!
HAHAHA WTF! The second meaning was funny to me cos sometime ago, my cousins and I made some lesbian jokes about...err details shall not be disclosed here hehe. But man, that was funny.

My middle name, Vivien means:
1. Awesome Asian that loves everyone
Usually virgin minded
Person: What's sex?
Person 2: You are such a Vivien

2. Same as dingleberries- wen pieces of rectal waste become attached to anal hairs
oh no vivien has got a bit of an ass biscuit

Again, LOL at the second meaning hahaha! What does my name has to do with anal hairs??? Go to and type out your name and see what's the meaning of your name. It usually will turn out to be something funny or will make you go totally WTFFFF????

So, I decided to type out Ivan and Ken's name as well.

Ivan means:
1. He is the sexiest man alive and really sweet and so fuking attractive!!!

2.Originally meaning "gift of God". A good looking man, usually of Hispanic or Eastern European descent.
"Ooh, girl! There's some Ivan's up in this ethnic party tonight, they all look so good."

2. A boyfriend who can be a COMPLETE ASSHOLE and the sweetest guy at the same point in time.
Ivan: "I can't wait till you graduate so i never see you again and this will all be over."

the Girlfriend: (Begins to cry at his hateful words)

Ivan: "Nah, i'm really going to miss you, seriously."

HAHAHAAHA...for real? Gift from God and sexiest man alive? LMAO!

Ken means:
Barbie's ex boyfriend, who has been rumored to have caused the relationship to end by having sex with Barbie's sister. He is currently playing the field, and it seems he has multiple hot girlfriends now.
Damn, Ken's got all the bitches after him now. Too bad Barbie and him broke up. He could have been her sugar daddy. Now she's out on the streets having sex for crack.

This one has a more direct meaning :D

Have fun!


simone said...

OMG!!! Funny la...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahaha funny kan...especially ivan's name lmao! cuba u try your name.

khusbhu said...

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