Monday, February 01, 2010

Hello February

Greetings again from Penang! Few updates:

  • Halfway through my second class today, suddenly there was a power failure in the college and ALL my students did not manage to save their assignments! Hahaha...moral of the story is ALWAYS remember to Ctrl/Command + Save!
  • Starting from this month, one of my colleague is travelling with me to Penang every week. It's nice to finally have a company here :)
  • Went to Prangin Mall for a while after dinner and found a shop that sells cheap DVDs and I bought Fantastic Mr. Fox!
  • I love ambra. I had two glasses today :)
  • I am again, feeling extremely tired now but surprisingly I don't feel sleepy yet. Wonder why...
Okay, part of the reason why I am tired because I only slept for 3 hours last night because I was out and watched the entire match between MU and Arsenal. Seriously, it's been a while since I watched a football match man and whoop! MU freaking won haha.

On a random note, yesterday's second reading during the Morning Mass was taken from the book of Corinthians (Chapter 13). Quite a famous verse in the bible I must say. It reminded me of 4 person after that; my mum, my late Aunt Philippa, Aunt Bernadette and oddly... Michael Jackson.

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maslight said...

*distracted with the whole not saving when power cut to glasses? @_@ wut glasses? see see!