Thursday, February 04, 2010

Two yays

Two good news today. First, is the arrival of a Evor and Anne's new baby girl! Another grand-niece yay! Congratulations and hope mummy and the baby are doing fine over there. Will be seeing the new addition soon :D

Second one is that my colleague got his macbook back! Something totally unexpected happened on Tuesday, the day where the both of us were heading back to Subang from Penang. Thing is when we were inside the airplane, my colleague's macbook was inside the hand luggage compartment. As soon as we reached Subang, I guess my colleague has totally forgotten about his macbook or someone has already mistook/stole it. So after realising that, he went back into the airplane and searched the entire place but to no avail. Seriously, if the similar thing had happened to me, I would be super duper devastated man!

To cut the long story short, today I received a call from one of the staffs from Fireflyz and he told me that the security has found my colleague's macbook! Thank goodness. So boys and girls, moral of the story is: never place your laptop inside the compartment and do invest on a laptop bag :D I'm just glad that luck was with us this week.

Now comes the bad news...Kris Allen is coming to KL next Monday for a performance BUT I can't go because I will be in Penang! I'm sad because I like Kris Allen though some of you might disagree that he won American Idol, but still...I like him a lot! But what can I do lah, I just can't go to see him perform :((( Anyway, life goes on...

Been a while since I posted this:

Aight...I need to rest now. Stomach's been acting weird today and man... I miss waking up at noon!

P/S: Why are my students keep adding me on Facebook???

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