Thursday, March 11, 2010

Macarons and some trip

Macarons! Anyone tried this before?

(source from here and here)

I read this month's Time Out magazine a few days ago and one of the restaurants somewhere in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (if I am not mistaken) have these. I don't know how it taste like but according to my fellow colleague, it is REALLY sweet. Probably like Krispy Kreme I persume? Anyway, my latest fascination is looking at nice photos of macarons :D Lovin' all the colours.

Still recovering from being emo and all that haha. I think I should be absolutely fine when the weekend is here. Jesse's coming over for a short trip so at least I've got a cousin to keep me company. Looking forward to hang out with her here.

On the other note, not so long ago I've made a promise to Raden (my NZ housemate/bestie) that I would go and visit her in Bandung since she is studying there for her Masters. But then I never did managed to go and visit her due to financial reasons of course and also the timing. This year, I really hope I can make this trip because she will be graduating soon! Wish me luck on this hehe. I've been saving up some travel $ since the beginning this year and I am hoping I will have enough of it by then. Then, another college senior Dee Dee said that she and some of the NZ crews are planning for a trip to Bangkok in October andddd...I wanna go too! Oh, and I'm planning to go back KK in May as well. OMG. I dunno if I really have the budget though BUT fingers crossed lah. Need to save save save!

Happy weekend everybody. I wish for an awesome weekend before Monday starts all over again. Penang! -_-

P/S: Man United won the Champs League match against AC Milan! Rooney is on fiyah!


Santafire said...

looks like fat colourful flavor version of oreo. i wanna try em too. i pesan ah if you go buy ^^

Bego said...

Oh so colorful and oh soooooo yummy! I must take a bite from those delicious pictures!