Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last week, on an early Sunday morning at about 3am, I was still laying on my bed listening to random songs on the radio just to make myself fall asleep when suddenly I got a surprise call from Ivan. I really thought he was drunk-dialling me because he has a habit of doing that haha. Ken's his ultimate victim but then, at that time he actually called to ask me to accompany him to Selayang Hospital as one of his youngest sister's friend was caught in an accident and according to him, was a serious one.

I didn't know what to expect to be honest cos I really thought the accident wasn't THAT serious but after reaching at the hospital and heard the whole story, then I realised the accident was tragic. Well, it's not my story to tell since I've never met the victim before so it's best that I don't spare the details here. I don't exactly know why I was there at the first place cos again, it was awkward and I doubt that Ivan's sister wanted his friends to be involved in this case either. I believe I was there just to lend some friend support, I mean I know I don't have much to offer but if my friends need me, I will definitely be there for 'em that's for sure.

Being in the hospital that day was kinda depressing. I never really liked hospitals, well unless it's Seattle Grace where you can find yummylicious McDreamy and McSteamy but here in a government hospital, it is just not possible. Lots of things ran through my mind on our way back home that morning. I guess it serves as a reminder that life is really short after all and anything can just happen with a blink of an eye. I'm scared in a way but this is why we are constantly be reminded to live our life to the fullest and like I've mentioned in my previous post, to count our blessings. What happened to the girl was so unexpected. She was at the wrong place in a wrong time but I really hope that she would stay strong and keep her faith alive even if it may take a while. God bless her.

Well, students are officially on semester break now. Good news is I don't need to fly over to Penang for the next two weeks! I know two weeks might not be a long break but at least I get to wake up next Monday without having to make another trip to the airport. The only thing I'm currently stoked about is KK! Quite proud of the students in Penang as most of their final project turned out to be good! Still have lotsa stuffs to do at work but I think I have time to finally watch movies in the cinema as well as to *try* and finish a painting and also...update my blog more often :D

By the way anyone watched this week's episode of Glee? Awesome episode where they made a tribute to Madonna's music. My favourite would be when they sang Like A Virgin, What It Feels Like For A Girl and 4 Minutes. Oh, don't forget to watch the music video of Sue Sylvester's rendition of Vogue as well. Weekend's coming soon! Hope you'll have a good day today.

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