Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blissful moment

Today is probably the best Sunday I've had in months. Knowing the fact that I don't need to fly over to Penang the next day, having a good chill out Sunday, and also a cup of ice cream to cool myself down from the hot just pure bliss. I know this feeling might be temporary, but let me just savour this two weeks of bliss while it last haha.

Started another painting as well. Gotta make use to my limited free time before the new semester starts. The photo does not do justice cos I think my camera is slowly dying :/ Been wanting to do a tiger painting since early of this year since it's the year of the tiger and all but because of the hectic schedule I have at work, I only had the time to do it now. Anyway, hope I won't screw this one know how I always have a problem with screwing up my own drawings/designs right?
Have a great week ahead. Last week of April! It means, I'm going back real soon :D

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