Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bunnies and eggs

Last year, I managed to make an Easter theme painting as you can see here. But this year, I didn't managed to do any due to the fact that I was busy and didn't really had the time to paint when I'm home. Kinda regretted that I did not managed to do another one this year but...oh well.

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone! Celebrated Easter by having a cool chill out Sunday (as always :D) after having to sit under the scorching hot sun during morning mass. The last few weeks was all about feeling down, pissed and emo over some personal stuffs but I've been good now in fact, this week has been quite a blessed week for me :D I didn't even need to work on Easter Sunday w00t! Well, not exactly looking forward to fly over to Penang again tomorrow but I still have 2 more weeks to go before I can take a break from flying up north. Will be flying to the east side instead :DDD

Last week when I went to meet the big boss, I was *again* requested to go and lecture in Penang for another semester which will start in early May till early August. I don't exactly know how I feel, seeing that I've to teach 2 extra subjects instead of the usual Computer Graphic subjects. But let me look at it in a positive kind of way...I can save up the allowance that I get for future travel plans kan?

Aight, gonna do my packing now then just gonna chill and listen to the radio. It's been a while since I do that haha.

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