Thursday, April 01, 2010


So I got punked by my cousins even before it was April Fool's Day. Last night Merl posted a wall status on FB saying that she's in the hospital cos the doctor were pumping out diet pills from Drey's stomach. Then Jay and Jess's FB status were also about Drey being admitted to the hospital! I was worried shit man. I mean if this happen to your family would be worried too right? I didn't even realise April Fool's Day was the next day because at that time, I was at home busy editing some designs for my brother. I texted Merl right after I saw her FB status and she replied me by saying 'Talk to you later.' Hahaha...pandai la butul kamu ni.

I was out for yamcha with Ivan and I even told him how worried I was but little did I know...when Merl finally called me up, she said it was just a prank. They got me good man hahaha but at least now I know that everybody back home are fine. I could sleep without having to worry much heh. Did anyone got punked today?

Anyway, I just made an appointment to see the dentist tomorrow because one of my tooth hurts badly and I think it probably has to do with my root canal. I reckon I really need to do the treatment really soon cos I'm quite worried that the infection might spread. Last night I've been watching few youtube videos about root canal treatment and apparently, it hurts? I've no idea but I don't want to risk myself not to go to the dentist even if it might cost a bomb. I always have dental problems man ish.

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maslight said...

Adei, I dun think that's even farnie. But no, nobody punk me yet. I doubt there's gonna be any though. The only thing got april fooled is our forum LOL.