Thursday, April 08, 2010


I personally think that I am quite a patient person; so patient that people tends to take advantage of me but that's another story for another day. So far, I haven't exactly lose my patience towards my students. When I got so pissed with them, I'd still managed to calm myself out and not explode in front of them. Usually I would wait till the end of the term and tell them how they really need to be responsible, punctual on datelines, yada yada (not that they are gonna take my advices anyway). But today, comes the day where I decided to be a b*tch and snapped at one of my students in CGD class. Well, not like I did it intentionally but I guess it was because there's one more week left before they are due to submit their final project and this particular student still asked me the question that I've already given the answer so many times from the previous weeks. How not to lose my patience I tell you???

Plus how can I not lose my patience when almost half of them (students) still showed me just about 20% progress of their final project when the dateline is next week? Anyway, I managed to calm myself down after a point on getting super angry lah right? I don't exactly know how I felt right after I snapped at the student. Probably a mixture of evil-kind-of-happy and a little bit of guilt haha. But like I said, I'm quite a patient person so this snapping my student thing hardly do happen unless they really screw up my patience level, then I'll pull a Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) on them hahahaha. Okay, not funny at all.

Due to the fact that I haven't been going out a lot, nothing much had happened lately. Been really tired since I only get to sleep less than the normal 8 hours for the past two months. Can't wait for my short trip back to KK city soon but in the meantime, I'll share more interesting finds here. If I don't update my blog here regularly, head down to my tumblr blog aight. I post a lot of stuffs almost everyday :D

One day, I will step my foot in New York and see the Brooklyn bridge with my own pair of eyes.

I LOVE the red locker cupbard! I want!

Love the blazer and skirt :D

My type haha!

Yeah, I really do wish we can.

Heaps of grading to do man. Hope to finish everything on time. Oh, I'm gonna have my first root canal treatment tomorrow! I reckon I'm gonna eat bread everyday after the treatment :( $$$ Wish me luck though.


simone said...

you actually did root canal? how was it? details please...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

it was fine! teda sakit pun except when kena jarum to numb my gums la haha. actually, i was supposed to do it like 2 years ago...but i've been ignoring it and then i found out ada pus on my gums. sia takut if i keep ignoring it, it'll spread until the roots bah. so that's why the doc advised me to have root canal treatment. expensive but if i don't do it lagi lah susah kan. biarlah sia makan roti saja ni hahah.

simone said...

man i haven't been to the dentist for like 2 years i think..and now my teeth is giving me the pain..i think i have to do root canal too but i'm afraid of the pain..and of cos no money yet..if you don't much was yours?

Vivien Dumpangol said...

maybe it's time for you to go check up haha. the cost is rm600 for my root canal. yes, very the expensive lor. but thankfully ada extra $ from my allowance in penang so still ok lah. but memang i makan bread suda sekarang hahaha. you can go for government dentist. will cost cheaper. i have another appointment today lagi...hopefully will be fine too.

Ivan Ho said...

rage is because u read to much of rage blog writer

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahahaha! yes, you are right! maybe that's why.