Tuesday, May 04, 2010

B grade

My weeknights are usually spent at home watching the telly, surf the net, read or having late night drinks at the Malay stall just next to the place that I stay. By late night drinks, I mean yamcha session with no alcoholic beverage provided :D Because Ivan and I go to that particular Malay stall most of the time, we became so accustomed with watching the stall's favourite TV shows which are WWE, EPL and B-Grade movies from Cinemax. WWE usually airs on Tuesday and Thursday nights and we've been watching it quite regularly these days, it just felt like I was in high school all over again.

Only difference is back in my high school time, WWE was called WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and they've got a bunch of cool wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Chris Benoit, The Hardy Boyz, Brett Hart, etc. Those were the days when wrestling was so enjoyable to watch :D Now...not so much. Still, I don't really mind watching it from time to time. In case you wanna know who's the bad guy and the good guy or who's up for a re-match/revenge in WWE, I'll be glad to tell you all about it haha.

Cinemax, on the other hand sometimes airs nice movies to watch BUT I've no idea why Ivan and I would always ended up watching a lot of B-Grade movies on that channel. Just last week, Cinemax was showing this movie called Return of Savage Garden which was like a total money waster movie if you watch it in the cinema. Take a look at the movie poster and also the two women in white behind.

I was shocked to see how INSANELY BIG their boobs are! Seriously, they actually have nice slim figures but with the gigantic boobs, they just don't look normal to me. I couldn't even focus on the storyline and plot because my eyes will automatically be diverted back into focusing on the boobs lol. I bet all the men who was at the stall including Ivan was enjoying this movie even if the storyline was crap. Anyway, I googled about this movie and found out that most of the actresses were indeed porn stars who've appeared in Playboy magazine before.

Luckily we resorted ourselves by watching Iron Man 2 the next day which was 100 times better of course :D Robert Downey is hot so as Scarlett Johansson :DDD Definitely gonna have a movie about The Avengers soon.

I'm going back to KK tomorrow! I'm excited but it seems that my excitement is slowly dying because my mind kept thinking about what's in store for me next week :( Not exactly looking forward to a new semester because there are still tons of work that I've yet to finish. But then, I really do need a break and going back home is definitely a good choice for a little break from the concrete jungle.

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