Thursday, May 06, 2010

Big Borneo BBQ

The past two months or so, I've spent my weekends just hanging out in Sunway. Haven't had the chance to head down to KL or any other interesting places because after all the travelling back and forth to Penang, I just couldn't be bothered to go anywhere else during the weekends. Well, it's pretty much pathetic actually but... I can't do much about it either haha.

So on Labour Day, I managed to attend this event called The Big Borneo BBQ Show, organised by In case you're wondering what's O-Borneo is all about, it is actually an online radio show catered to all Borneo people everywhere. Go and venture on the website and you can also listen to the show live when you're online anywhere in the world :D I know I've never mentioned this but back in January, Merl and I had a random interview during The Big Borneo BBQ Show that airs every Sunday afternoon. I just couldn't bear listening to my own voice when I talk which is why I've never mentioned it here before haha. But, you could go to the website and listen to me talk about my blog and few other stuffs. Click here.

Anyway, the people behind O-Borneo decided to organise a BBQ party and at the same, do a live broadcast all the way from the chosen venue, S'Mores located in Bangsar South. I was there give some support as well as meeting up with Merl who just recently arrived back from KK. Thanks for the invite! Had a pretty good time there as I've met quite a lot of Sabahans, drank a few cocktails (but didn't get drunk at all ), watched nice performances and also ate nice foods :D Hopefully there's more to come!

Not so much pictures but here it goes...

DJ Constant in red. I'm pretty sure the Sabahans know who he is right?


It was raining when I reached there but that doesn't stop the chef from preparing the foods!

Ne-Yo came to support the show! He's behind btw haha.

What a small world indeed. Ivan met his high school /tuition mate that night.

With Elfie.
Yes, I do realise that I'm doing the peace sign in all the pictures -_-

I'm pretty sure there are quite a number of talented Sabahans who are yet to be discovered or maybe some might already have been discovered. This guy is Yuriz Joe and he is the next big thing! Loved his music.

Merl with Jin Hackman.

More pictures here and here

After the BBQ event, I went to Opera with Ivan and joined Ken and his Serdang friends there. Again, I didn't know why I was there actually. I was VERY underdressed; I definitely could not compete with any of the chinks inside the club. The music was slightly better but the DJs still killed the encore song lah.

This is the best picture of the night.

picture courtesy of Ivan Ho.

When alcohol has been injected into your body system, you might probably get so pumped up and do silly things like...riding on a stranger's bike and act as if you're on a death race.

LMAO! Ken amuse me sometimes. He is dead serious when it comes to his work but then he is probably one of the most crazy and vain person I know hahaha. That dude behind him seems to be enjoying the moment. LOL.


FietheElf said...

ken is awesome. haha.

Ivan Ho said...

hope this photo which i shoot can make ar ken famous in the world, opps he did it again, HAHAHA

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@fie: hahaha...yup agree!

@ivan: yeah, that photo must be in his portfolio when he wants to go for movie audition. sure the director will like it hahaha.