Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dream #1

I think deep down in my heart, I have a lot of rage that has been kept inside for a while and has yet to be unleashed. Like I've said before, I am usually a patient person but sometimes my rage might burst without me even realising it. Anyway, funny thing happened last Sunday while I was having my usual chill out Sunday with Merl and Ivan at SS15's Pappa Rich. We were there having a bowl of cendol to cool ourselves down from the extra hot weather. I think, it must've been the insanely hot weather or maybe it was because Indonesia was losing to China on the Thomas Cup Finals or because Ivan was showing me a picture of our college mates vacationing in Korea.

That was the time when my hidden rage suddenly burst out. Coincidentally, Merl shares the same rage as me! LOL. Yeah, it was funny when we took turns to let our rage out even though our rage was not exactly a big deal. Well, don't need to spare our rage details here but all I can say is...just wait. Wait till I step my foot into the concrete jungle where dreams are made of hahaha.

I have no idea when or how I can make it happen but...we should always believe in making our dreams come true, no? Just like what Frank Sinatra said, " If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere". Fingers crossed :D

Sometimes, letting out your rage is good for the soul. I bet I still have more hidden inside but it just need to find the right time and moment to let it out. Looking forward to it hahaha.

*** NYC is one of the many many cities that I am hoping to go someday.

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