Monday, May 10, 2010

The spirit lives on

I'm back after 5 blissful days in KK. I have to catch another flight to Penang in about 6 hours time and I am not looking for it! Right now I'm forcing myself to be awake just for another hour so that I can pack and prepare some last minute stuffs because when I was in KK, I didn't do any single work that I've brought home haha. Guess I just have to endure this post-holiday blues that I am currently feeling right now :(

Speaking of Blues, Chelsea was crowned the EPL champs this season *pissed* Hahaha...yeah, Man United came sooooo close okay. Satu point saja. Does Man United really needs Cristiano Ronaldo in their team so that they can win the title? C'mon...there are so many good players there and Wayne Rooney was on fiyah this season. So, I don't really know why but nevermind...hopefully the Red Devils will bounce back next season. I am sure they will. Heard from my cousin Arnold that David Silva's coming to play for the team. That's gonna be interesting. Anyone excited for World Cup next month??? I know I do :D

Will blog more once everything's back to normal here and after I get a really good sleep. 5 days in KK ain't enough man. I still want to spend more time there bah.

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