Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another sunday

Not cool ok! My housemate still haven't paid the bloody internet bill, which makes me internet-less at home and I can't really do my work if there's no source for me to go online :( So, at this moment I am in Starbucks Pyramid (yet again) currently using the free wi-fi to get some work done and blog haha.

Did you guys watch any of the World Cup matches that was on last night? I managed to watch the entire match on Argentina vs Nigeria and only the first half of England vs USA because when the second half of the match started, I totally dozed off to sleep. But I did not missed the first goal scored by Stevie Gerrard :D Lionel Messi had soooo many chances to score but everytime he tried, it missed. But dang that little man, he's totally on fire!

Looking forward to watch all the other matches that will be on this week :D Watched A-Team with Merl yesterday (thanks for coming down to Sunway!) and I LOVED it! Well, I don't really recall watching A-Team when I was young...all I remembered was watching the re-run of M*E*S*H back in Wanganui haha. Hey, maybe they should make a remake of that show too! So I am not exactly familiar with all the characters in A-Team. But I reckon the remake was good and omfg, Bradley Cooper is friggin' hot :DDDD Gotta love the stubble on his face hahaha.

Okay, I really need to get my work done today or else I'll suffer when I am in Penang. Yes, I will be flying over there again tomorrow. So what else is new? Pffft. Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

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