Friday, June 11, 2010

The beautiful game

Oh man, 4 years ago I've already have designer bags under my eyes haha. So how excited are you about the World Cup? I am totally excited and I am definitely gonna watch the opening match later tonight. Well, a lot of things had happened in 4 years...I mean 4 years ago on this month, I was preparing myself for grad school. Had to get the visa done, grad school application, emailing Raden back and forth to arrange our flight and accommodation...and when I've finally reached NZ, I remembered watching the World Cup Finals early in the morning but missed out the part where Zidane did the head butt because I've to go to school as it was my first day of class. Anne was still working in Kudat and I also remembered there was a time where she called me in midnight while we were watching a match between Italy vs...errr can't really recall. Good times :D

This year, sad to say I won't be able to watch The World Cup in my own comfortable house in Penampang. I guess I've just have to watch it through my mini TV in the room here. But I am totally up for watching the game with friends (if there's any heh). Would be interesting to see which team is gonna make it to the second round, then quarter finals, semi-finals and of course the finals. To Italy, Portugal and New Zealand, good luck! I'm actually excited to see New Zealand play against Italy! And Portugal vs Brazil! This is gonna be legend...wait for it...ary :D

Not sure if I can go online at home since the housemate has been forgetting to pay the internet bill for 2 days already. But if I don't, have a good weekend everyone. Basically, every weekend I still need to work at home *sigh* But I think I might just take a break tonight since it's been quite a tiring day with full day classes and being inside the printroom aka sauna to do silk screen printing. Man, the heat is crazy in there!

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