Saturday, June 26, 2010

Epic fail?

I really thought last night's match between Brazil and Portugal would be somewhat epic but I totally guessed it wrong because the entire match was just kinda...meh and way too may fouls. If it's gonna turn out to be a draw, at least it shouldn't be a goal-less draw right? Anyway, at least both teams managed to book themselves into the second round. That means Portugal will be up against Spain! I only watched the first 5 minutes of Spain's match last night before I dozed off with the TV still on tsk tsk. But, why do I have a feeling that the Spaniards is definitely gonna trash the Portugese? Dang you David Villa.

I discovered today that my voice sounded like Rod Stewart! You know, husky and sexy at the same time? Hahahaha...NOT. Yeah, I hardly get sick but I am currently having a sore throat so please don't get surprised if I sounded like a man today :P This means I really should get a good rest during the weekend. I'm actually feeling happy that I'm not gonna fly to Penang this coming Monday wh00t!

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