Friday, June 25, 2010

The not so great italian job

I managed to watch last night's World Cup match between Italy and Slovakia, and was really crossing my fingers and hoping that the Azzurri will perform some magic... BUT to my utter disappointment, the team did not managed to advance themselves to the second round and...of course regain their title as the World Champion. I know, there are not so many people that I know who don't support this team sooo...come on, throw all your insults here :P

I don't know what's wrong but maybe if Gianluigi Buffon was the goal keeper instead of the Rafeal Nadal lookalike, they could actually win the match? Or maybe if there are still some of the star players are still playing for this year's World Cup (i.e Nesta, Totti, Del Piero) the team might have a higher chance to win? Marcello Lippi, do you hear me? Dang, it sucks to know that they're not one of the top 16 groups anymore. IMHO, the Azzuri actually played well on last night's match...definitely better than The 3 Lions and Les Bleus pfft. So, what to do lah...just hope they will be better in the next World Cup. I'll be 30 by then omfg!

Anyway, I am overjoyed that Portugal managed to beat N. Korea 7-0 on Monday's match but we'll see if they can perform well when they face Brazil tonight! Not gonna miss this match :DDD Still hope they can make it through into the second round with Brazil lah.

So much to blog about but I really need to find the time when I am truly free to update. Good news is, I've got a one week off from Penang! Just hope the internet line at home is good during the weekends.

P/S: Today also marks the first year anniversary of MJ's death. I'm pretty sure the local radio stations will be playing heaps of his songs today.


Gallivanter said...

It's a simple one really - the players are old, no new fresh blood for the team, and they ran out of ideas.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha yeah i guess so...better luck to the azzurri in 2014, if they can qualify haha.