Monday, June 28, 2010

So long lads

Last night, was the night where the England team failed to perform a miracle and ended up letting team Germany to proceed into the quarter finals. Well, I'm pretty neutral on both teams, but I've sort of predicted that England might not make it, seeing how un-impressive their previous matches were. Oh well...better luck next time lads.

The Germans on the other hand, were pretty impressive I must say. They'll be facing Argentina in the quarter-finals's gonna be another interesting match to watch this coming Saturday.

Wow Becks, you're! Hahaha.

Sorry if my post these days are all about The World Cup hehe. Just give me two more weeks then everything should resume back to normal. I'm in Subang today! How awesome is that? But I'm currently still sick :(and also, I still sound like a man with a deep husky voice -_-

I had a great about you?


simone said...

Becks must have been SO SAD.... but damn his HOT

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha ya...just look at his super pissed off ni. but!