Thursday, June 17, 2010


Stella Im Hultberg is amazeballs! She's one of my favourite artist and I love love love her works. These are taken from her moleskine sketches. So nice right? The colours, the textures, the strokes...when can I be like her???

(view more on her blog:

Well, I thought when I came back from Penang, I would be able to go online at home BUT again, the housemate kept forgetting to pay the bill wtf. Fingers crossed and hopefully I will be able to go online when I get back home later. Watched the World Cup match against Spain vs Switzerland with Ivan, (who's back from Melbourne and I am gonna force him to become my World Cup buddy now muahaha) and surprisingly Spain did not even managed to score a single goal! How unlikely aye? Xavi Alonso tried to score so many times but to no avail. Well better luck next time Spaniards. On a random note, why did Fernando Torres cut his blond hair?

I had a near death experience on the way back to Subang yesterday...okay, it wasn't THAT extreme la...I mean it's not like I got shot like how 50 Cent has been through but was scary and I really thought I would die (touchwood) yesterday. No kidding. But more on that later.


Anonymous said...

Just like Samson, it turns out Fernando Torres' power was locked in his hair

Anonymous said...

What happened Vien?