Sunday, June 06, 2010

Things so far

So yesterday was yet another public holiday...which was good because it gives me a legit excuse to ignore all my work and do something else like sleep or watch a movie in the cinema, which I did by the way. Woke up extra early (something that I honestly don't enjoy doing) to have breakfast with Ivan before he leaves for Melbourne. Bet he's having heaps of fun there at this moment. Well, you can't see my face here but it's green...with ENVY. *evil eyes* Hahaha. Okay, I'm just kidding. But then I would be lying if I say that I do not feel a tiny bit of envy. Dang, why is everyone flying out of Malaysia where as I can only fly up North, (which is what I need to do tomorrow *sigh*) or to the East? Not that I mind flying to the east, in fact I would be willing to do it every week doesn't work out like that right?

Anyway, after breakfast I went to the cinema and decided to have an impromptu movie marathon. Ended up watching two movies on the same day. Shrek 4 was nice. Actually, of all the Shrek movies, my favourite would be Shrek 2 and I think Donkey was the one that makes the movie so much more enjoyable to watch. But still, the last installment of Shrek was pretty good. Watched Killers in the afternoon. No doubt, Ashton Kutcher is hot! With or without clothes hahaha. The movie was kinda like Mr & Mrs Smith but probably a laid-back version. Not a bad movie after all, for me it was a good movie to watch on a laid-back day.

Started doing my work at home around 8-ish at night and finally finished it at 3 on a Sunday morning. Seriously, I can be REALLY slow man but I guess it's because I was at home and of course there were a few distractions here and there like the internet and the telly. Oh, you know how I kept saying that my life hasn't been that interesting for the past few months? No interesting events to go (except for Big Borneo BBQ) plus I've missed out a lot of family outing as well. Being home for only 5 days last month wasn't even enough to spend more time with my family. Well, come next month, it's all gonna change because I've just heard two exciting news and I am already super excited about it!

First, Usher is *finally* making his way down for a concert in Malaysia! I soooo can't wait and I sooooo wanna go! I've liked Usher since I first heard You Make Me Wanna and have been listening to his music consistently for years up until now. He was already making it big when he released the 8701 album. His Confessions album was by far the best for me with superb songs like Burn, Yeah, Simple Things, Superstar, Do It It To Me (this is a sexy song haha) and my most favourite, Confessions! His latest album, Raymond Vs Raymond is not bad as well. You've probably heard Daddy's Home and OMG on the radio but I shall recommend you to listen Pro Lover, Mars Vs Venus, Making Love Into The Night, Foolin' Around and also Guilty. Basically just listen to everything lah haha. His concert will be on July 7th (Wednesday), if I really am going (which I hope I can) I probably have to rush all the way to Bukit Jalil since I only reach Subang from Penang at 5pm. Ahhh...I am just stoked that Usher is finally coming! I think I would totally regret it if I can't make it to his concert. Can we bring John Mayer or Robin Thicke next?

Secondly, I've also heard that The Galacticos aka Real Madrid FC are making their way down to Malaysia as well! Not that I am a Madrid fan but would I miss the chance to watch the most expensive club play with my own pair of eyes? Plus a chance to see Kaka, Raul, Albiol, Alonso, Benzema and the ultimate one C. Ronaldo in action? Hell freaking no :D Maybe it's like a sign from GOD that he finally wants me to meet my dream guy...hahahahaha okay, who am I kidding?

I know if I have decided to go to these two events, it would require spending out $$$. My current financial situation is not exactly shining brightly at the moment BUT I believe there's a saying that says 'Where there's a will, there's a way' right? So...crossing my fingers real hard now. I need to put back some zest in my life or else I might end up being all alone, living with 17 cats one day wtf.

I think I might soon be a workaholic too! It's scary, although 'certain' people assumed that I don't do anything in the office. Well, all I gotta say is have you ever tried to be in my shoes? Do you have to travel every single week? I am only in the office for two days, which is why I need to bring my work to do at home and yet people still have stupid assumptions on me. Oh well, just hope that all these hard work will finally pay off soon lah. Okay, time for bed, tomorrow I'll be in Penang again. Have a good week everyone!

Random note: I love my newly purchased owl ring :DDD

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