Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dream within a dream

I managed to watch Inception last Thursday and I must say, I am quite enthralled by it. Seriously, take this from a person who LOVES watching chick flicks through and through haha. I'm still wondering how Christopher Nolan could actually come out with the idea of making this movie, I mean I reckon a lot of people can come up with a movie about dreams but could they expand the whole story about dream within a dream, planning out people's dream and all those subconscious sheez like Christoper Nolan do? Or even putting different characters  that plays different roles there...it's quite brilliant, to me at least :)

I gotta tell you, at first I was pretty confused with the whole movie but then it was actually quite easy to understand if you really concentrate on whatever things that they've talked about in the movie. I agree, there might be some *yawn* scenes...but not too much. Oh, another reason to like this movie is because Joseph-Gordon Levitt is in it as well and Ellen Page too :) So, no spoilers here but if you've watched Christopher Nolan's previous movies before (i.e The Prestige and The Dark Knight) and liked it, you might like Inception. It would probably blow your mind :) I only managed to watch The Dark Knight halfway...so I gotta find a day to finally watch that movie from the beginning :P

I had a feeling that Ivan might not like Inception because he had mentioned to me before that he thinks The Dark Knight wasn't even a good movie but hey, I was just you know...trying to be a good friend and all that. I was thinking since he was quite stressed with his work and all, I thought maybe bringing him to watch a movie would be a something nice that a friend could offer but I guess, my good deeds wasn't good enough lahhhh :( Well, it's okay, no biggie. Next movie that I'm dragging him to watch would be Step Up 3D and I can assure him that this would be a better one hahaha.

Took the bus to Gurney yesterday after work and had assam laksa again ♥ Since next semester I will not be deported to Penang anymore, there are probably 3 things that I'm gonna miss here: Foods, cheap dvds and old colonial buildings.

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