Thursday, July 15, 2010


I know it's a little bit late... but Spain won the 2010 World Cup beating Holland 1-0! Now, Spain is not exactly my favourite team but they've played well in the World Cup, even managed to beat Portugal and Germany. So...felicitaciones chicos! (Haha...I google translate this btw)

This year's World Cup has been...umm I don't know how to say; I enjoyed some of the matches, but then there were also some 'meh' matches as well. Quite disappointed that none of the teams that I support could make it through to the quarter finals, even Brasil! But still...I had my fair share of fun watching this year's World Cup. The next World Cup will be in Brasil and yes, like I've said...I'll be 30 by then. It's SCARY when I think about itplus I've no idea where would I be in 4 years time. Might still be here, or in KK or probably got married to a Spanish footballer and migrate to Spain hahahahaha. Okay, not even funny at all. Looking forward for World Cup 2014 in Brasil!

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