Thursday, July 01, 2010

Future #1

Remember I've mentioned that I've encountered a near death experience in one of my posts? Well, yes it happened 2 weeks ago and like I've wasn't THAT extreme but still a scary one for me.

So, I was sitting inside the aeroplane on the way back to Subang from my weekly trip to Penang, the weather was pretty cloudy and the rained had just stopped. So I thought the entire journey going back to Subang would be a smooth sailing one. Guess I was wrong. Now I've been in an aeroplane for many many times but never in my life, had I experienced a major turbulence before! Trust me when I said major because it really was. Some of the drinks that the stewardess were just about to serve to the pasengers fell off, and another stewardess, who was serving muffins could not even balance herself that she had to squeeze herself to sit in between two passengers.

At that point, I really thought I would die. Seriously! I mean the plane was shaking, I felt like I was in those big ass roller coaster rides that you see in the States. For me it was just scary and suddenly all these crazy flashbacks just came through your mind, you know just like in the movies... when someone knew he/she is gonna die, then there's a lot of all these flashbacks about your life that suddenly appeared into their mind? It was then I realised that I don't wanna die yet! Heck, I haven't even been to NYC so I can't die now hahaha. But everything went fine after had no idea how many times did I recite The Lord's Prayer on that day :P

Is this like...another sign from GOD? That life's too short and we gotta live like we're dying? Why do I feel like I've been constantly reminded of this in different occasion? My theory is, I think GOD was just trying to tell me to not put my future plans on hold again and maybe *try* to make it happen. Well, I don't know...but GOD's probably right. Speaking of my future plans, I know I've been putting it on hold for quite sometime...and only thought about it once a while, especially when I am laying on the bed getting ready to sleep or in the shower (yeah, I do most of my thinking in the shower haha). But just recently, one of my best friends sent me a mail and told me about her next got me back into thinking about my own future plans as well but at this moment, I'm still left clueless about it. *sigh*

Sooner or later I need to figure this thing out. Maybe I should create a mind map or draft out my plans from scratch... this way, I reckon it'll be much easier right? I am still unsure on so many things right now. Seems like there's always something that keeps pulling me back and never let me have the chance to move on...I don't know man. I never said being an adult was easy right?

Such a random post! Hahaha...just taking a break from all the World Cup hoopla hehe. But do expect more random post from time to time. By the way, it's already the month of July! Geez...half of the year has gone, just like that. 6 more days till Usher's concert! And yes, Portugal didn't made it to the quarter finals thanks to David Villa's goal pffffft. Now, he has made C. Ronaldo a 'broken man' hahaha. I know it's probably hard for him, being the captain and all, I'm sure the pressure that he's been put through is much more heavier. It's fine...his time will come but he really needs to step up his game la and try not to whine too much maybe???

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InobonG ProPer said...

I know the feeling! I had terrible experienced too, flight from Brunei to Dubai. What do they call it, air-pocket?? saya pun tidak tau mmg takutlah. Takut apa? takut mati mengkali kan hehehe

I think I recite the whole Rosary prayer during and after the incident!

Thank you Mother Mary....