Friday, August 13, 2010

Coney island baby

I recently found another nice wedding inspirational blog to follow:

I kinda have a thing with wedding inspiration blogs. Not that I'm thinking of getting married now know, there's no harm getting some inspirations first right? Anyway, I am totally in love with these bunch of beautiful photos! Just look at all the vibrant happy colours! How can I not like it? Coney Island is such a lovely place and I wish I can go there someday. Speaking of Coney Island, it reminded me of Lou Reed's song called Coney Island Baby...back in college, I had this Typography project where I had to interpret five Lou Reed's songs and make it into a booklet *click* (added with some Typo design). It wasn't an easy project to do but surprisingly I got an A for it haha. Mr. Kay was a good lecturer :D

Semester's break is starting REAL soon! I know I'm free from being deported to Penang at last but there's actually more work to do in the coming new semester. Really need to complete all the pending tasks before I'm off to KK City yo. Dang, it's already 3:30am. Time to sleep!

photo credits & more images : ruffled blog / from me to you


Chrystal Giam said...

Cute, and definitely made better by good-looking couple, haha. I love anything unconventional in weddings~! ^^

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