Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You know it's been a while since I've heard any 'flasher' stories cos, I thought that this kinda thing is not so popular anymore and well, I also thought that those 'flashers' might have better things to do now instead of flashing their genitals everyday. But I guess I was wrong because these perverted people are still roaming around, looking for their 'prey' without us noticing them. We (Merl, Ivan and I) even saw one on Sunday and I gotta tell you it was seriously a WTF! moment between me and Merl.

All we wanted to do was to have a nice chill out Sunday, you know just relaxing, having normal conversations over food and drinks but that damn perverted 'uncle' had to bloody ruin my chill out Sunday by exposing his clean shaven little brother to us. WTF. Seriously WTF. I didn't even notice the uncle was sitting 2 seats in front of us at the first place. But I think it was while we were talking about some stuffs, when suddenly Merl told us that there was a man sitting in front, who was not wearing any underwear and his balls were totally exposed for us to see. When we found out about it, we got totally grossed out but then started to make crazy, obscene jokes and even linking it to some songs that we might find appropriate hahaha.

Every other second, pervert uncle kept glancing at us while pretending to read the papers and I think, when he actually knew that we've noticed him flashing to us, he opened his legs more wider and Merl even said that his little brother was having a hard on and was also 'waving' up and down LMAO! WTF right??? Pervert uncle was so daring that when a bunch of people left from the table RIGHT in front of us, he went and sat on that table right away. My guess was he wanted us to have a much more clearer visual of his you-know-what. But, Ivan was even more daring cos he actually turned and looked directly at pervert uncle's *again* you-know-what. His reason was simply because he wanted to do a 'quality scan' HAHAHAHAHA! Cracks me up man.

Sick bastard. Anyway, I guess the point for me writing this is just to inform you (girls especially) that these pervert people are still everywhere. Sometimes, they'll be in places where you least expect it. Like on Sunday we were actually hanging out in Old Town Mentari, a very public kopitiam and yet, without our own realisation, pervert uncle was there waiting for us. So, do be careful and always stay alert with your surroundings. If not, you'll end up having a beautiful Sunday ruined like we did teehee.
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What a day to remember :DDD


maslight said...

*facepalm. Urgh, the numbers of encounter with flashers urgh. We had a tree humper at college last time. He'd be going there and jack it off with the tree. Nitemare.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

holy shit a tree humper??? hahaha...ni lagi la, power juga! hahahaha.

FietheElf said...

u shouldve held up a knife and pointed it at him and his little one !

reinnasaurus said...

hello thank you for dropping by! i just saw your comment, and yes i do use imovie :) its pretty easy. and i have my canon point and shoot camera, as well as a zumi camera my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary. the zumi is more of a vintage look in the recording, but i do hope that helps! have a good day!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@fie: hahaha ya bah...i really wanted to go and tell him to tutup his kaki ni. not everyone enjoys seeing his lil bro down there haha.

@reinna: hey reinna, thanks a lot for your reply! was thinking of doing some videos since you and your sisters have been a great inspiration :D i'll just have to explore more on using imovie since i'm still pretty much n00b on that software.