Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moon represents my heart

I think I might be getting sick again :( Had been sneezing over and over, which resulted me having a slight running nose now. It's probably the weather again. When it doesn't rain, it gets insanely hot and when the rain comes, it's kinda cold during the night. Anyway, now's not exactly the right time to get sick, even though I'm not really that busy at the moment but it'll be good for me to be in the pink of health when I am back to KK next week right? Wow, almost one week to go!

Anyway, gonna make this short since it's already 2.30am and my eyes are half closed now. Had an impromptu karaoke session on last Friday night with Merl, Ken and Ivan. Actually it was my first time going for a karaoke session with Ken. I managed to shot two vids that night and this one that I've uploaded here features Ivan singing Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (or loosely translated as Moon Represents My Heart). It's a classic Chinese song, I'm sure you might have heard it before. David Tao made a modernised version of it and I actually LOVE the modernised version because it sort of has this R&B style implemented inside the song. Plus David Tao sang it beautifully.

I'll post pictures soon :) Merl said Ivan totally has a karaoke voice LOL. I love karaoke! Have I ever you this before?


maslight said...

Get well soon viv, yeah! the weather is crazy here too. It's hot season now.

Chrystal Giam said...

He's also the one who sang our Lily Noguchi's ringtone song "I loooooovvvvve you..."

Then we have to choose our lunch place wisely today. No fried stuff for lunch. Only soupy stuffs bah~ ^^

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@massy: thank you! ya,memang crazy the weather ni. i think this week will be raining everyday @_@

@chrystal: hahaha....ya, david tao's an awesome singer/songwriter. i had a housemate during college time who's also a big fan of him. that's how i got to know who he was and his songs haha. i've been tryin' hard to memorize his 'regular friends' song so that i could sing it in karaoke! lol.

Ivan Ho said...

actually this song is- moon represent whose heart

Vivien Dumpangol said...

but the song title says 我... not (my) heart meh?