Friday, September 24, 2010

Dead man walking

I'm typing this feeling like a dead walking zombie, my eyes are too heavy to be open widely, my head feels like it's been spinning round and round non stop. This week surely has been a very tiring one. I don't even know why I am torturing myself to start my work at home at the wee hours of morning. 2am to be exact. What was I thinking right? It's not like I'm getting  younger each and everyday as well. I blame college for screwing up my sleeping time forever haha. Anyway, as tired and hectic the week has been, I am just so glad that it's finally Friday and I've done my presentation to the big boss today...which I don't know, it actually turned out okay I guess...sometimes I get all panicky for nothing.

Another thing to be excited about today is Arthur's Day! Though I've bought the cheapest tix and I'll surely be standing really far from the stage, I don't think I would mind at all. As long as I'm there then it should be alright :) Not exactly a fan of Sean Kingston or Colby O, but will definitely look forward for Flo Rida's performance. Aight, Imma go home, have a good shower, try to have a short nap and then head to Sunway Lagoon for Arthur's Day.

Here's the part two on my trip back home...this video montage was done in just about an hour can't expect any good editing skills from me heh.

Music is from Clazziquai - Love Mode

Well, gotta go now. Enjoy your weekend and stay blessed always :)

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