Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Home so far...

Hello! I'm currently back in Penampang. In case you're wondering how was my trip so far...well, it's been good. I just got back from Tawau yesterday afternoon and indeed, my trip to Tawau this time was quite meaningful to me. I've got 4 more days to spare before I fly back to the dreaded concrete jungle *sigh* My heart always feels heavy whenever I'm about to go again. Dang, but it's okay, it's not that I'm not used to it.

Today all I did was just hanging out with my cousins. Had brunch at Upperstar with Audrey then off to CityMall with Jess and Audrey in the evening. I was asked to get a CD of this Sabahan singer who sings Hakka songs for Ken and I actually managed to find it there. Then we met up with Mierah for dinner at Upperstar again. Seems to me Upperstar is one of my favourite hang out place here heh. Anyway, I managed to finally watch High School Musical Senior Year today and I gotta say, I actually liked it. The songs, the whole set-up and Zac Efron! I have this huge crush on him now ♥♥♥

Everything's feel so laid back here. Sometimes I just wish my life would be just like that. Will post more pictures and updates soon yeah. Here's a picture that was taken during one fine afternoon in Tawau. I was so surprised to see how blue and bright the sky was. Nice!

P/S: It's already September!

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maslight said...

Hello September, I hope you're better than August XD

Oh I miss going to Tawau. It's been years @_@